FarEast (Xinhui) Paper-Making Fabric Co., Ltd. has cutting-edge paper production and testing equipment that was imported from Germany, Sweden and Norway. A total investment is over 380 million in RMB for our company.

Warping Machine

The Warping Machines are imported from TEXO Company Sweden.The parameters of tension control,speed change,the number of coils are monitored on line and  saved,it is good for the control of production. It can ensure the tension tolerance within 5%. This is the precondition of the forming fabric in good quality when production.

Weaving Machine

The 12.5m weaving machine is the latest product from Sweden's Texo Company. It has 8 servo motors to control the operation of the crankshaft and it is equipped with the diso dobby system. Some advantages of the dobby system are that it ensures wide width, high speed, stability and so on.

Automatic Seaming Machine

Austria's WIS Company SC5 type machines are equipped with an automatic steering system, which allows the machine to travel in a straight line, taking certain floor unevenness into account. It also has a thread separator with extra pick function for increased efficiency, and a programmable retry function allowing for increased efficiency of the seaming operation.

Heat Setting Machine

The 12.5m heat setting machine is a high performance product of Norway's Pro-Group. It uses both electric and radiation heating, with a pin plate design to improve efficiency, and a tolerance interval of ±1℃